Memorial Oval Primary School
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Bradford Street
Whyalla SA 5600

Phone: 08 864 57991
Fax: 08 8645 1812


Room 6  Special Achievement – Ayla Fay

              School Values – Aiden Sawtell

              Bookwork – Luka Stoiljkovic


Room 7 Special Achievement – Zach Mayfield

             School Values – Oliver Taylor

             Bookwork – Jayden Robertson


Room 8 Special Achievement – Raiya Parker-Colaruotolo



School Values – Brianna Holmes

              Bookwork – Harry Kalambe


Room 9  Special Achievement – Grace Walkom

              School Value – Indiana Skipworth

              Bookwork – Emily Clifton


Room 21 Special Achievement - Mason Sivewright for using sensational vocabulary in his   


               School Value - Makenzy Fay for always being responsible in the classroom

               Bookwork Award – Jaxon Blair


Room 11 Special Achievement - Chase Tonkin for working hard to blend colours in Art


                Special Achievement -Rhyan Kwaterski for always connecting learning from our

                Mathematics lessons to other learning areas and his own life School Values 

                Special Achievement - Pippa Sutton for showing resilience and respect when   

                Participating in school activities such as NAIDOC Week Celebrations and the  

                Colour Run.

                Bookwork – Jessica Kelsey


Room 1  School Values Hudson Flack, Eryn Nolan.

               Bookwork - Lily Dervisevic


Room 2  Special Achievement - Isaack Elliott for trying to regulate his emotions.

               Special Achievement - Lanna McLean for always being helpful in the classroom.

               Special Achievement - Maddi-jo Wickham – for always being helpful in the



Room 13 Special Achievement - Rhys Chilton

                Mathematics - Ashton Hilton

                Bookwork - Mila Stoiljkovic


Room 14 Special Achievement - Tyran McLean for working hard on his book report.

                School Values - Elisha Hubner  for being a good friend and consistently displaying

                all school values.

                Bookwork – Crystal Collins


Room 3 Special Achievement - Max White for settling into the demands and structure of our

              Year 5/6 class.

              School Values - Kyan Cockcroft for displaying all the school values at all time.

                Bookwork - Cherie Nottle


Room 15 Special Achievement - Sam Stuart for making a huge effort to make good choices

                in behaviour over Term 4.

                Values Award - Jasmyn Kirkwood for consistently following all of our               


                Bookwork Award - Tahla Armour 


Room 16 Special Achievement – Kaitlyn Sleep

                School Values – Aleisha Kogos

                Bookwork – Bob Crentsil